Lucy Daily

First Impressions

The red hair, the blue eyes and the freckles all over her face won me over the instant I saw Lucy Daily. You don`t find many redheads and this girl is as pure as they come. She even has the amazing alabaster skin that true redheads have and her breasts happen to be wonderfully perky so the chance to check them out in countless picture galleries and videos is one I`m going to jump at. She looks fantastic and I see video screenshots of her using a dildo in her young pussy so I know I`m in the right place for pleasure.

Hot Promises

There`s a great deal of information packed into the tour and it all makes the site seem like a wonderful place to be. She promises you a live webcam, blog posts, picture galleries, videos and she makes sure to note that it`s exclusive several times over. She promises that she`s a natural redhead but I get the feeling you`ll have to trust her on that since something tells me her pussy is shaved. There`s a nice big sample video too so if you want to get a little bit aroused by a super hot girl then you just hit the play button and watch as she strips naked and plays with her pussy.


Lucy Daily displays a wide-eyed enthusiasm for life and lust in front of the camera and I love it. Even in the tiny thumbnailed preview pictures that denote the most recent updates on the member`s main page I can see that she`s smiling and that her blue eyes are sparkling. You can find previews from upcoming sets as well as the dates they`re going to be added. The videos that have been posted recently can be located too and there are a few ads for other sites stuffed at the bottom of the page.

Lucy keeps a blog and so far she`s updating it every 1-2 weeks. It`s simple stuff but I love that she`s actually interacting with us a little since the webcam she promised on the tour has not materialized yet and probably never will. She has pictures of her puppy and her full grown dog and more pictures of super cute kittens that her friend`s cat had. She posts a few candid shots of her unspooling a cassette tape and draping what was formerly music over her soft breasts. It looks good and she`s having fun and if you read the posts you can get to know her a little bit better. She even posts the occasional video, like the one where her dogs were running around in her office.

If you don`t want to bother with the blog then you can head to the picture galleries where you`ll see the images organized by month. Click a month and you get to see everything she added during the period. So far there are 36 galleries but a lot of them are the same set broken into two parts so it`s probably not an entirely accurate number. She`s not really being cheap though. Almost all the sets have over 100 pictures so she just likes to take lots of shots and keeps most of them because they`re all good. Lucy is wicked hot so it`s no surprise she photographs well.

The picture galleries bring all sorts of sexy to the table. In some she`s playing up the adorableness that comes naturally by throwing on a cute tank top and smiling her way through the set. In others she`s sexing it up a little, like when she wore the black and purple lingerie set with black fishnet stockings and black gloves. She is a topless and bottomless model and while she doesn`t get nude in every set, the ones that are split usually start with her clothed and end with her nude, you will see plenty of her luscious tits and her beautiful young pussy.

I can`t tell you how much I love her alabaster skin. It goes hand in hand with the redhead thing but she`s milky white and it makes her look exceptionally delicate and feminine. I feel like I just want to caress her because she must be so damn soft. Her breasts are awe inspiring too. They`re perky in that special way that few women have. They sit so high on her chest that they actually look like implants at first glance but those beauties are all natural and they look like they would be a whole lot of fun to play with. Just imagine the chance to sensually grope her boobs! What a joy it would be. Her pussy has the same effect, except it will make your mouth water and your erection yearn.

Lucy Provides us with nine videos and the download speeds were crazy fast for me. I was getting almost 2mb/sec! They were promised to be high quality and they deliver. A 1024x576 resolution is widescreen and gorgeous and the 2800kbps bit rate is a little lower than would be ideal but the movies still look great. They have a slight homemade video feel and that`s likely because they`re not shot with professional lighting. They end up a little bit grainy but that could be a positive just as easily as it could be a negative depending on what you want from your solo model sites.

Lucy Daily has gone to great effort to make the movie portion of her site entertaining and you will almost certainly love what she does. I know I couldn`t get enough of seeing her beautiful young breasts in action or watching her fingers slide over her clit and stimulate it until she was ready to cum. Particularly sexy were the scenes where the camera was placed between her legs and zoomed in on her pussy so we could watch from the perfect angle as she made her snatch sing. She uses dildos in a few movies too so you can dream of being the toy sliding into the warm and wet box.

As I mentioned that promised webcam hasn`t appeared yet and there`s no hint it will. However, you do get access nine other sexy sites when you join up. There are beautiful girls starring on each of them and they never fail to elicit an arousal response from me when I pay them a visit. All the sites are fairly small at this point so they work together to give you the ultimate sexual experience when it comes to young and beautiful women.

Croco’s Opinion

Lucy Daily is something of a rarity in the world with her red hair, her alabaster skin, her freckles and her perfect breasts. The young model is wild and sexy and she does picture galleries and videos for her fans where she poses in a nice variety of sexy outfits, plays with her pussy and even uses dildos on occasion. She looks amazing in everything she does and her youth is her strong suit. Her site is relatively new (as of August 2009) and it`s too expensive at $34.95/month but there are nine other sites just like hers that you can visit for free once you`ve joined. As long as they keep updating it`s worth the investment.


Navigating the site is easy but the only information they offer about the videos is a tiny picture and the size of the download.

Pricing Policy

They ask $34.95/month and $69.95 for 30 days.

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